The Best Dogging Spots In Cornwall

Cornwall is a bit out of the way for the rest of the UK, but anyone that has been there on holiday will know how special and beautiful the place is. The country of the mythical King Arthur provides some of the greatest scenic views available on the scepter isle, and some of the best dogging sites that you can find in the UK. If you are down there on holiday, and in need of some action, then I have a list of some of the best places to hang out in the peninsula so that you can always get your fix.Starting with a few quickies, Clinton has Kit Country Park that is a nice dogging spot. In fact, wherever you are, country parks often provide good dogging action as they have big car parks, are quiet and secluded at night, and are also normally pretty. Less beautiful is the Grampound Lay-by, but it still provides the action you want, right? Back on the scenic side, there are laybys on the Portreath to Hayle coast road, that often provide good action throughout a nice evening, and if you can’t find any good doggers, then at least you can enjoy a beautiful sunset as you look out over the sea. Also along the coast is the A39, between Kilkhampton and Bude with places that are known to be a good dogging spots. The Bude to Holsworty road, the A3072, also has a little bit of action on it, at the layby just past the garden center as you head out of town.dogging in cornwall

A Walk On The Moors

If you fancy a bit more a walk on the moors rather than along the coast, there you can check out Bodmin. There is probably great action on the moors, though look out for the Bodmin beasts, but you can also find plenty to do in the center of town. The main car park in Bodmin right near the town hall has action along throughout the week, after 9pm. I am guessing if doggers can get away with it right in the middle of Bodmin town centre, Bodmin is not a happening place in the evenings. Also in Bodmin, you can find the Cardinham woods, which is also near the main car park (like I say – happening place Bodmin!)The strangely named (though a lot of places are strangely named in this part of the world) Chysauster Ancient Village has a car park that is used for dogging when the village itself is closed. This car park is quite small, but nicely secluded, and is on the road from Gulval to St.Ives and you can follow the sign for the village. This is pretty good once the sun goes down. Let’s hope if you are going to St. Ives, then you do meet a man with seven wives – he might let you have a go on one of them.bodmin dogging

In The City

However, if you are going to Truro, then you might be able to have a go on lots of people’s wives, as there are plenty of dogging spots in the Truro area. The car park on Newham road at Gas Hill is good after dark, as most dogging spots are, and it is nicely sheltered from the road, so no one driving by can see you dirty business. If you are into the darker side of life, which you probably are if you like dogging, the why not try Hendra cemetery and the adjacent Victoria Gardens. You can get up to plenty of spooky action the cemetery, though the gates shut at dusk, but there is a way, so let’s hope plenty of these people left wills…If you are in the big metropolis of Cornwall, St Austell, then you can enjoy the nudist beach at Carlyon Bay. This is at the far end of the St. Austell beach, but you can park at the Coliseum and walk down the path until you start to see boobs. As ever with this kid of beach, look out for people who actually want you there looking at them, rather than picking any random member of the naturist community to ogle and wank over.Boscwen Park has dogging action every night of the week, with plenty of regulars. One report I came across detailed a young couple, women in black stockings, seam up the back, wearing heels and a short skirt. They are there often, and she sucks the lucky guy off while giving eye fucks to every guy around. Definitely somewhere to go, and somewhere I will be visiting whenever I am in that part of the world, if only to get eye-fucked. Slightly less salubrious surroundings, but still good action, the car park at Wicks gets busy later into the evening, with people finally flashing their headlights once they are ready to get down to it. If you want to head to the beach at Truro, like a lot of beaches in Cornwall, someone will be shagging on it at some point during the night. Vault beach, which is near Gorran has plenty of people getting up to naughty fun. This is again a naturist beach, so make sure the people you are watching are in fact a hot young couple doing it, and not two 70 year old lesbians from Slough playing scrabble together in the dunes.Elsewhere in the county, you can find good action in Colliford Lake Park car park, which is a massive park and therefore has plenty of options for people or groups looking for a bit of seclusion while they are outdoors. At Crantock there is a national trust beach, with a nice car park that people like to park up in and rut. This is unfortunately also a haunt of the local po-po, so beware that the people you are flashing don’t suddenly flash there blues and twos back at you. As well as country parks, old airfields also provide a number of great dogging spots (check it out here) all around the country. The one at Davidstow Moor is good on weekends. Near the tree line is best to avoid any unwanted attention.dogging by the beach

Down By The Beach

And I will leave you with some more for the beach-goers among you, the guys that don’t mind getting a bit of sand in their crack. Downderry Beach, which is in fact three spate beaches has day time fun if you know where to look. Two of the beaches are only accessible at low tide and I guess people head round there during that time and wait for the tide to come in, knowing they will not be interrupted for another twelve hours. You can get to this beach by following the coast path and then down the step path to the actually beaches themselves. Falmouth is another coastal town which seems to have a penchant for flashing as well as dogging. Flashers can be found in the Old Quarry car park late at night, presumably after the girls have enjoyed a night on the town. Some will go even further as well. You can also head up near Hayles FC, were there is a lot of dogging and flashing action as well. Ptssss… Don’t forget to protect yourself !