Being the Better Man in a relationship

how to be a better manWhen in bad phases of a relationship, there is no point in actually sitting and wasting time crying over spilt milk. And don’t even think about going and whining about it to everyone else. That is possible the most unappealing thing that you can do. It is very unattractive a quality to moan and whine when things go wrong. Never let you be weak, always be strong and face reality with a smile.

Take the difficult road because the end victory will be sweeter. Do not let excessive emotions let you become weak. Fight it. You know you have the potential in you to be the better person, so do not let any thing negative rule your life and ruin your chances at happiness. Start seeing yourself from an objective outer perspective. See the demon that is present in you and witness how it controls your every move. Research about yourself and give yourself time to reflect about how this can be combated. Learn how to react in the right times and feel confident by understanding yourself. Don’t let people guide you. This is your own battle and you own demons. Only you can defeat it and control it accordingly.

Emotions are what make us human. But don’t overuse it. Emotions are precious and we must not waste it on trivial issues that come our way. Learn to regulate the excessive emotions. Don’t cry at a drop of a hat. Don’t get agitated by little things. Never expose your emotions to people you do not know. It is not correct to weep at every little sorrow. Strength and fortitude are two qualities that are extremely attractive in a person. We interact with countless people everyday and hence there will be a range of emotions that we will fill as a result. Don’t show an extreme display of emotion. Learn to be subtle and dignified in your approach. Even happiness must not be excessively shown nor should sadness. These will come and go but we must learn to control the urge to burst out every time something happens to us. Emotions can be addictive and some may only wallow in depression or sadness because it gives them a certain high. This does not help in any which way. It is best to control emotions. This way you prioritize all the good things in yourself. Be responsible for your emotions and do not go about displaying it to any type of audience.